Environmental Policy

Hoover Mechanical is committed to leading the industry in reducing our environmental impact and providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe workplace for our employees. We strive to comply with all local and federal environmental regulations and are continually improving our environmental performance. It is our priority to deliver on our duty of care towards future generations. Hoover Mechanical has developed a comprehensive Environmental Operation Procedure Manual including but not limited to Waste Management, Fuel Storage, Erosion and Sediment, etc…

In Support of this Policy, Hoover Mechanical Vows to:

  • Evaluate operations to ensure materials and resources are being used efficiently.
  • Take the initiative to operate and maintain our fleet with due regard to environmental issues as reasonably practical.
  • Promote our environmental commitment both internally as well as to our clients, and customers.
  • Ensure our employees are trained, educated and aware of our environmental policy.
  • Meet all current environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • Periodically review and update our environmental policy to ensure we are continually striving to improve our environmental practices and minimize our impact.
  • Consider all environmental concerns and impacts into any decision making or activities.
  • Encourage the adoption and implementation of similar principles by our suppliers and customers.
  • Strive to utilize new technologies to work to eliminate paper waste.

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